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Arnoldsche Art Publishers offers a unique list of titles in the fields of fine art, applied art and design. Our focus is on the comprehensive coverage of selected subject areas within the applied and fine arts as well as monographs on outstanding exponents of the arts. In publications on art jewellery and ceramics, Arnoldsche leads the field worldwide. Glass, fashion and textiles as well as painting, sculpture, photography and art from outside Europe are also given top priority in our programme.

As an internationally active publisher of art books, Arnoldsche collaborates with numerous important museums, collections and galleries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Top-quality content, design and production make Arnoldsche books – most of which are bilingual publications – indispensable works of reference for collectors and specialists. Our books represent – aside from the aesthetic pleasure they provide – an ideal point of entry for art lovers seeking access to the above subject areas or firms’ or artists’ oeuvres. Thanks to our close-meshed marketing and distribution network, books from Arnoldsche Art Publishers are available throughout the world.

Since April 2015 Dirk Allgaier has headed Arnoldsche. With great expertise, sheer hard work and a passion for his profession, he and his team ensure that books from Arnoldsche become what they are: high-quality, individually designed publications and book objects that transport the broad range of creative endeavour in all its diversity across the globe.

1987 to the present – a brief history of a publishing house

It all began with a special reference book. Unable to find a publisher in 1987 for his comprehensive reference book on ceramic marks – Keramikmarken-Lexikon 1885–1935 – Dieter Zühlsdorff decided to found a publishing house himself to market and distribute it. A resounding success at its launch, it is still a must-have for libraries specialising in ceramics. Arnoldsche Art Publishers was born as an art-book publisher.

Other books on the applied arts and design followed. The legendary Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt and the world-famous Pforzheim Jewellery Museum with its important art-jewellery collections became important partner institutions in that early phase. In 1993 Dirk Allgaier joined the Arnoldsche team and pushed international networking and worldwide marketing and distribution. It was not long before most Arnoldsche books were being published in two languages: German and English – and now often in French, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.

In the late 1990s Arnoldsche came up with the concept of individually linking layout and content. Plastics + Design, a book with a plastic cover sheathed in a slipcase made of recycled plastic for the Neue Sammlung in Munich, won the Design Prize awarded by the New York Type Directors Club. Our reputation soared on the world market and, along with it, collaboration with distinguished art institutions in Germany and abroad.

The new century has seen a considerable increase in new Arnoldsche titles, including Fired by Passion, a mammoth three-volume work on Viennese Baroque porcelain. Specialist publications and monographs on makers of silver and metalware – such as our series Silbertriennale International and the Kayserzinn monograph – have also become firmly established in our programme. Arnoldsche publications on art glass from Murano, such as Seguso Vetri d’Arte and Fratelli Toso, have long since become standard works in the field.

At the same time, Arnoldsche was fast gaining a foothold in a niche market: books on art from outside Europe. Publications on African and Asian art and art objects, including Inrô – Gürtelschmuck aus Japan and Frühchinesische Keramik, have become a major part of our programme. The same holds for titles that are pillars of product design, such as Partners in Design, on important pioneers of Bauhaus thinking in the US, and Keep it Simple, a book by and about Apple designer Hartmut Esslinger.

Since April 2015 Dirk Allgaier has headed Arnoldsche

After an intensive planning phase, Dirk Allgaier took over Arnoldsche from Dieter Zühlsdorff in 2015 and continued to expand our international relations network. North America and Scandinavia have come more sharply into focus – also content-wise: the Arnoldsche monograph on Gerhard Munthe presents the work of a leading exponent of Norwegian Art Nouveau, and Made in Denmark showcases post-war Modernist design icons in the context of design since 1900.

With monographs on young ceramicists and jewellery-makers, such as Johannes Nagel oder Gisbert Stach, the Arnoldsche programme under Dirk Allgaier is increasingly devoted to contemporary trends in the applied arts. As publishers we are also making inroads on the fine arts market. Our successful Impressionism in Canada underscores this development, as does our series of artist monographs – including one on the star European court portraitist Franz Xaver Winterhalter, and the published drawings of Wolfgang Gäfgen, a luminary of the contemporary art scene.

Books like Handmade in Germany, finally, focus on cutting-edge subjects such as future technologies in crafts. Under the heading ‘Manufaktur 4.0’, the book gives insights into the visionary practice engaged in by leading German crafts-orientated manufacturers.

And that is not all. Aside from his flourishing work in publishing, since 2015 Dirk Allgaier has also been presenting internationally acclaimed works from the fields of fine art, applied art and design – usually art jewellery and ceramics – in the Arnoldsche rooms in south Stuttgart. Under the title arnoldsche weekend art gallery, he is pioneering an innovative approach to showing art in the Baden-Württemberg capital, a first for private galleries here.

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