Fritzsche, Christoph

Dr. Christoph Fritzsche, born in 1938 in Magdeburg, first came in touch with Meissen tableware in his parents’ home. Besides modest porcelain purchases, a collection of literature on porcelain came into being, which has extensively grown over the years, while studying physics with a subsequent PhD in Physical Chemis-
try in Mainz.
In addition to the work at the Wallis branch of Basel Chemie the figurine part of an exhibition catalogue about Fulda porcelain was created in collaboration with the Museum Vonderau. Through contact with a Basel collector a catalogue of this collection of Thuringian porcelain, and thus the interest in the Thuringian factories emerged. Gradually, several works were published in the journals ‘Weltkunst’ and ‘Keramos’.
During a tour of the ‘Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanmanufaktur’, belonging to the Seltmann group, in Volkstedt-Rudolstadt, the idea came up to write a book about this manufactory which is still producing today in Thuringia. In addition to the 18. century more recent times should be taken into account. This work has been pub-
lished now, also thanks to Arnoldsche Art Publishers.


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