Nyström, Dr. phil. Bengt

born in 1937 and retired museum director, has been employed at the Nordic Museum and the National Science Museum, both in Stockholm, and the Norrköping Museum.

He is one of the leading experts on the Swedish Art Nouveau design, and expecially ceramics and Rörstrand.

Bengt Nyström has written several books and articles about nineteenth- and twentieth-century design, decorative arts and industrial history, among them Konsten till industrin (Art for Industry 1982), Hantverk i Sverige (Crafts in Sweden 1989), Rörstrand Porcelain – Art Nouveau Masterpieces (1996), Svensk Jugendkeramik (Swedish Art Nouveau Ceramics (2003), Rörstrand – 280 år med fajans, flintgods, porslin och stengods (2007), Rörstrand i Stockholm 1270-1926 (2007), Svensk 1900-talskeramik (2008), Ulfsunda F

Email: bgt.nystrom@telia.com



Author of our publication: THE WHITE GOLD OF THE NORTH


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