Reese, Jens

Reese, Jens, born 1935 in Flensburg.
Studies of metall technology and metall design in Solingen. Degree in 1958.
1959 graphic/design internship in Düsseldorf.
1960 – 1965 Car design at Ford Motor AG in Cologne and Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart.
Since 1965 industrial designer at Siemens AG in Munich: responsible for the area consumer goods (white goods) and the area office communication.
Head of the department for investment goods design for industry and medical products in Erlangen.

Awards, lectures and publications: Representative for design and education, manager for design fundamentals / guidelines and corporate design. Lecturer at FH Munich.
Projects around the topic design at several national and international universities as well as several publications in international design magazines.
Consultant to the Design Center Munich during the organisation of the Aspen Design conference 1996.
Member of the Peer-group evaluating the subject Industrial Design at the universities of Lowersaxony 1998/99.
Several iF- and Bundes awards, designteam of the year 1995.
Since 2000 project oriented lectures at the university Paderborn, the university to Cologne and at the art university Linz.




Co-Author of our publication: VISUAL PERMUTATIONS


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