Artists and Authors

Drutt English, Helen Williams

was Executive Director and a founding member of the Philadelphia Council of Professional Craftsmen (1967– 1974) and the Founder/Director of Helen Drutt Gallery in Philadelphia

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Dysthe, Trinelise

Trinelise Dysthe is an interior designer (MNIL) and employee of DystheDesign AS. She has worked for Aftenposten as a design critic and columnist, and has

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Engelsing, Dr. phil. Tobias

Born 1960, studied history, law and political science at the University of Konstanz. 1992-2006 Head of editorial office at the daily newspaper Südkurier. Since 2006

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Enke, Dieter

Born 1931 and raised in Berlin. Studies in architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin among others under Hans Scharoun. Worked as architect and town planner:

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Fahrner-Tutsek, Dr. Eva-Maria

Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek studied sociology, political science, and psychology at the University of Tübingen. After graduating with a diploma in psychology, she worked at the Max

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Falk, Fritz

Fritz Falk, who holds a doctorate in art history and is also a master goldsmith, was the director of the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim from 1970 to

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Fallan, Kjetil

Kjetil Fallan is Professor of Design History at the University of Oslo. His books include Design History: Understanding Theory and Method (Berg Publishers, 2010), Scandinavian

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Fecker, Dr. ing. Edwin

Born 1944, studied geology in Freiburg and Karlsruhe. 1977 Doctorate. Freelance geologist and expert for the preservation of historical buildings made of natural stone (including

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Flor, Thomas

Artist, curator and writer. Flor studied at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, the Royal Danish Academy and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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Friedman, Barry

Barry Friedman, a long-established presence in the international art market, is known for introducing important 20th century European fine and decorative art to an American

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Fritzsche, Christoph

Dr. Christoph Fritzsche, born in 1938 in Magdeburg, first came in touch with Meissen tableware in his parents’ home. Besides modest porcelain purchases, a collection

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Fulton, Hamish

1946: born in London 1964-69: Hammersmith College of Art London St. Martin’s School of Art, London Royal College of Art, London 1969 – : Walks

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