Bautier, 314 Chaussée de Forest, 1190 Brussels
Wednesday, September 21, 6 pm

 In the presence of Sisse Bro 

Bautier in Brussels invites all interested parties to celebrate the career of Kai Kristiansen, one of Denmark’s eldest and most industrious furniture designers, on September 21 at 6 pm.

The occasion for the event is the recently published monograph KAI KRISTIANSEN. An Industrious Designer, which for the first time provides an overview of Kristiansen’s more than 70-year career and prolific output. The copiously illustrated biography reveals how Kristiansens basic tenets of economy and ecology influenced the manufacturing processes of the furniture industry outside the spotlight of Copenhagen. Editor of the book and design writer Sisse Bro has worked closely with the designer and introduces his work here while locating it within Danish design history, while Kristiansen himself openly shares his experiences, ideas and visions in a retrospective of his work and life.

Photo: © Jesper Kristiansen

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