Book launch: Mandala – In Search of Enlightenment

Here you will find a list of upcoming book launches and events related to the publication Mandala – In Search of Enlightenment :

  • 24 March, book launch: Songtsen House, Gubelhangstraße 7, Zurich (CH), 7:30 pm, admission 15 CHF (INFO)
  • 25 March, book launch: Literaturhaus Liechtenstein, Poststraße 27, Schaan (LIE), 7:30 pm, admission 15 CHF (INFO)
  • 17 April, talk: “Himalayan Wonders Unearthed: 35 Years of Research and Exploration in the Western Himalayas”, The Explorers Club, 46 E 70th Street, New York (USA), 6 pm, Eintritt 30,50 USD (INFO)
  • 21 April, book launch and conversation with Matthew R. DeSantis, followed by a signing with book sales: Tibet House, 22 West 15th Street, New York (USA), 6 pm, free admission (INFO)
  • 22 April, talk and workshop: “Earth Day: A Workshop On High-Altitude Photography | Preserving Cultural Heritage Sites”, Tibet House, 22 West 15th Street, New York (USA), 2–4 pm, 10–50 USD (INFO)
  • 15 June, book launch: Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft e.V., Haus der Religionen, Böhmerstraße 8, Hannover (DE), 7–9 pm, admission 12 EUR (INFO)

Hailing from the cultural realm of India, the mandala serves as a meditation aid and at the same time reflects an ancient symbolism of strictly geometric basic forms accompanied by an interpretation of its sacred content. In his book author, photographer and exhibition curator Peter van Ham offers an impressive first analysis of the phenomenon of sacred geometry in art and architecture and their underlying ideologies.

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