Book launch with Kim Buck and Jorunn Veiteberg

Kim Buck: Kammertonen
Bygning A, Copenhagen (DK), 20.5.–1.8.2021
Book launch: 20.5.2021

The title of the exhibition plays on the fine saying about keeping the civil tone, ie minding our mouth. Kim Buck has something to say that concerns us all, and the exhibition communicate important messages and invites reflection on how we behave together: Why does the tone of the public debate sometimes get so harsh, why is it so hard to keep the civil tone?

In the exhibition, standard pitch generators and jewelery with titles such as ‘Løsgænger’, ‘Æv bæv’ and ‘Opblæst’ in a whimsical, understated way will provide food for thought. Here you find puns and craftsmanship in fine union with loving appeals for change. National and religious symbols with new meaning. Recognizable and typical jewelry shapes that have just been given a twist, which means that we now look at them – and at the world around us – in a new way.

Simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition ‘Kammertonen’ on May 20 at gallery Bygning A, the book The Real Thing will be released. For this book the Norwegian arthistorian, author and curator Jorunn Veiteberg has written an elaborate essay the portrait of Kim Buck and his works.
Jorunn Veiteberg will also be present May 20 and display her own bookrelease – on her own jewelry collection – The Jewellery Box.

You can get both books in the shop at Kløvermarksvej 70, Copenhagen, and naturally here on our website.

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