arnoldsche weekend art gallery #14

With jewelry by Deganit Stern Schocken and ceramics by Monika Debus

Vernissage: Friday, 22 September 2023, 6:30 pm

Opening hours: 23—24 September 2023, 10 am —5 pm

We are very pleased to continue our exhibition series arnoldsche weekend art gallery with two exceptional positions of contemporary jewelry and ceramic art from Israel and Germany.

Monika Debus’ ceramics captivate with their strong abstract-organic and physical presence as well as with their paintwork in gestural lineatures and flowing compositions reminiscent of Informalism and Japanese calligraphy. The softly contoured objects in the salt firing technique are vessel, sculpture, and painting at the same time and form aesthetically supreme examples of contemporary ceramic art of the first rank.

Deganit Stern Schocken is one of the most prominent voices in contemporary jewelry art in Israel. In our exhibition, we present works from her new series „Caution, Sharp Edges“ and from earlier creative phases. Her oeuvre revolves around the themes of individuality and collectivity, architecture and space, as well as aesthetics and ethics. Being a critical artist, she consciously takes a stand on socio-political issues and urgently calls for a peaceful coexistence in the Middle East conflict and worldwide.

arnoldsche weekend art gallery #13

With jewelry by Sébastien Carré and ceramics by Victor Alarçon and Nitsa Meletopoulos

Vernissage: Friday, May 12, 2023, 6:30 pm

Opening times: May 13 to  14, 2023, 10 am to 5 pm


We are delighted to continue our successful  arnoldsche Art Publishers exhibition series with three outstanding positions in contemporary jewelry and ceramic art from France.

Nitsa Meletopoulos and Victor Alarçon’s  exuberant, colorful, and intoxicating ceramic sculp-tures toy with a mix of Surrealism, Pop Art, and Op    art. The sometimes psychedelic repertoire of colors creates organic and grotesque works that evoke an aesthetic of excess but also draw on historical and    traditional references. New works show the great sophistication of these two young shooting stars of the French ceramics scene.

Sébastien Carré’s masterful works are an expression of his life’s journey. After the sudden onset of a serious illness, the young French jewelry artist traded precious metals for beads and textiles. He has since created filigree beaded jewelry from onyx, garnet, carnelian, and jasper. His breathtaking landscapes and coral reefs show the close connection between man and nature. They remind us to respect our natural environment.

arnoldsche weekend art gallery #7

The publishing house arnoldsche ART PUBLISHERS continues its exhibition series on outstanding positions in art, crafts and design on Nov. 09, 2018 – with jewellery works by Gisbert Stach and ceramics by Karin Bablok.

Surprising, beautiful, humorous, bizarre and exciting: these are the names for jewellery by Gisbert Stach. He experiments with processes of transformation and alienation with his schnitzel brooches of ground amber, pearl necklaces ingrown in tree bark, or rings embedded in asphalt, and expands the concept of jewellery into new media such as photography, video, and performance.

Karin Bablok is one of Germany’s most renowned ceramic artists. She turns her wafer-thin unique porcelain pieces on the potter’s wheel. Some of these are then cut up and reassembled. The black glaze painting, sometimes gestural-expressive, sometimes geometric-linear, always refers to the form and underlines the formal clarity and balanced harmony of her vessel objects.

Gisbert Stach’s current works have recently been featured in the publication Schmuck und Experiment in our program.

arnoldsche weekend art gallery #8

arnoldsche Art Publishers continues its exhibition series on exceptional positions in art, crafts and design on Friday, September 27th 2019 – with ceramics by Petra Bittl and jewellery and sculpture by Mirjam Hiller.

Petra Bittl’s works are characterised by an outstanding fusion of drawing and painting with the material clay. Abstract decoration of line and point structures the surfaces of her ceramic vessel sculptures, setting them in vibrant motion. Bittl’s work is represented in many national and interna- tional public collections.

Mirjam Hiller is one of the most significant proponents of innovative, emergent art jewellery. Her works are made from sheet steel, which she saws, bends and folds by hand in an elaborate process. Wearable, colourful miniature sculptures with a captivating, arcane, ornamental-abstract idiom emerge. Hiller has been awarded numerous awards for her work.

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