Contemporary Jewellery in Portugal

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon (PT), 19.7.–16.11.2019
Book launch: 13.9.2019

With Contemporary Jewellery in Portugal curator Cristina Filipe points out the relationships between jewellery created in Portugal in the last 60 years and art works of the Gulbenkian Museum’s Collection.

The exhibition follows the chronological order of the Modern Collection, it presents jewellery made between 1958 and 2018 by artists who are already represented in the Collection, such as Jorge Vieira, Maria José Oliveira, Vítor Pomar and Pedro Cabrita Reis. Chronological, symbolic, formal and conceptual links are created between pieces from the Modern Collection and works of jewellery.

Also present are artists such as Alberto Gordillo, Kukas, Tereza Seabra and Alexandra de Serpa Pimentel, among others, who from the 1960s onwards initiated a shift in jewellery in Portugal. This change, which occurred alongside transformations in the visual arts, distanced jewellery from the field of decorative and applied arts in which it had been integrated throughout the history of art.

The initiative also extends to the Founder’s Collection, where pieces by contemporary jewellery artists enter into dialogue with the works of René Lalique.

The eponymous publication by Critina Filipe will appear in our progamme.

Contemporary Jewellery in Portugal Jewelry Cristina Filipe arnoldsche

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