Exhibition Danner Prize 2023

Museums of the City Landshut, Heiliggeistkirche (DE)
Exhibition: 12 October 2023 until 7 January 2024
Opening and award ceremony: Wednesday, 11 October, 6 pm (free admission)

The Danner Foundation and the Museums of the City of Landshut present the work of 42 outstanding artisans in the exhibition “Danner Prize 2023. Excellent Arts and Crafts” and cordially invite you to the award ceremony and the exhibition opening.

Click here to register (registration code: Danner-Preis-2023)

Otto Baier, Ute Kathrin Beck, Nicole Beck, Veronika Beckh, Roswitha Berger-Gentsch, Brigitte Bezold, Alexander Blank, Sarah Cossham, Susanne Elstner, Christiane Englsberger, Christian B. Felber, Christiane Förster, Josef Forstmaier, Simone Geißler, Bettina Graber-Reckziegel, Rita Große-Ruyken, Nicola Heidemann, Sebastian Hepp, Berthold Hoffmann, Kati Jünger, Nora Kain, Klaus Kirchner, Konrad Koppold, Beate Leonards, Doris Leuschner, Tanja Major, Waltraud Münzhuber, Julia Obermaier, Brigitte Rambold, Jochen Rüth, Karla Schabert, Nico Schipp, Monika J. Schödel-Müller und Werner B. Nowka, Gunther Pfeffer, Nelly Stein, Michaela Tkadleček, Peter Verburg, Corinna Wagner, Norman Weber, Christiane Wilhelm, Christoph Straube

Above: Nico Schipp, ceramic installation Lined up, 2022, Photo: Eva Jünger

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