Exhibition: Gabi Veit

Creatura | Geschöpf
Galerie Prisma, Südtiroler Künstlerbund, Bozen (IT), 17.5.–8.6.2019

Wassily Kandinsky’s Bauhaus book Point and Line to Plane (1926) described the formal canon of modernism. The artist Gabi Veit discovers line and circle as the basic forms of the everyday object spoon and is inspired by an almost infinite variety of metal objects. She plays with the symbolism of abundance and emptiness, of taking and giving, of use and perception. Each of her objects testifies to an inexhaustible imagination and a joyful desire to create: we discover heads and bodies, stems and legs, flowers, fruits and leaves. Like castanets, they dance out of line, enter into communication with the observer and the user.


On the occasion of the exhibition at the Künstlerhaus Südtirol Gabi Veit’s monograph Creatura | Geschöpf was published in our program.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers Gabi Veit


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