Exhibition on Joyce J. Scott in Baltimore

Baltimore Museum of Art (US)
Exhibition: 24 March to 14 July 2024

The exhibition Joyce J. Scott: Walk a Mile in My Dreams is a 50-year career retrospective of artist Joyce J. Scott, one of the most significant artists of our time. Together with Kay Lawal-Muhammad, Scott has recorded a music video that draws attention to the exhibition and at the same time addresses social inequalities in Baltimore:

For over 142,000 years, beads have played an important role around the world as the oldest form of personal adornment. Joyce J. Scott has revolutionized and transformed the potential of the ubiquitous bead as a relevant, contemporary art form. For over fifty-one years she has devoted her aesthetic practice to waking up the world, expanding beadwork’s boundaries, with powerful in-your-face social commentary. While addressing society’s ills, her visual and performance conversations on cultural stereotypes and racial injustices elucidate her vibrant, brilliant works of art.

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