Fairy-tale Colours in Kassel

Red Hood, Blue Beard – Fairy-tale Colours and Experiments

GRIMM WORLD Kassel (DE), 13.11.2019–13.04.2020


The eye of the beholder is attracted by colours. Their cultural and historical significance, their symbolic meaning are equally fascinating. In the works of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, colours are not chosen at random, but bear their own individual meaning: gold stands for perfection and  prosperity, white represents godliness and sublimity, whereas black is generally associated with death and the devil or indicates a future twist of life.

The 19th century saw various publications of important collections of folk and fairy tales, such as the Brothers Grimm’s Children’s and Household Tales as well as many ground-breaking scientific discoveries related to the physical aspects of colour and human vision. This happy meeting of scientific research and creative imagination inspired GRIMM WORLD Kassel to explore the significance of colours in fairy tales: why is the little girl’s hood red, of all things, and why is a blue beard so odd? Impressive original illustrations and books of fairy tales are combined with historical scientific experiments to guarantee for adults and children an exciting voyage through fairy tales and colours.

For further reading about colours in fairy tales, a richly illustrated publication has appeared in our programme.

arnoldsche Farben Märchen Colours Fairytales Red Hood Rotkäppchen Rotes Käppchen

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