Kadri Mälk – Hunt:

Book presentation at restaurant Leib, Tallinn (EST), 30.8.2020, 6 p.m.

Kadri Mälk presents her publication HUNT: (an ambiguous term that works in English, just as it means “wolf” in Estonian), in which she focuses for the first time on her own collection of contemporary artists’ jewellery. Since jewellery is meant to be worn, not only are the pieces staged on paper, but her artist colleagues also pose in portraits next to or with the favourite pieces.
Here, the hunting wolf becomes the collector’s symbol, the objects of desire clearly appear as lifesaving prey. But as with all metaphors, care must be taken in their interpretation: For while the wolf’s successful hunt ends with the death of its prey, the transition of the jewellery in Kadri’s collection is like a transition to a new form of being. The presentation of the objects in the book, as they are worn on the bodies of friends and companions, once again brings the jewellery to life.

hunt kadri maelk mälk arnoldsche collection jewellery jewelry studio

Header image: Beata Ratsanik wears
Ruudt Peters, Hun, hong tai yang, 2013
Brooch: bluestone, silver

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