Lecture by Sigurd Bronger in Munich

X-D-E-P-O-T in Die Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (DE)
Lecture by Sigurd Bronger: 16 May, 6:30 pm
The exhibition can be seen until 6 June.

Hollow goose eggs, natural sponges, packaging, balloons featuring smileys, shoe soles, scientific gauges, or even his mother’s gallstones—the repertoire of things elevated to jewelry objects knows no bounds for the Norwegian artist Sigurd Bronger. His “portable objects” are turned into wearables by means of artful hanging mechanisms. In the lecture “Making of Things”, the artist will talk about his inspiration for these extraordinary objects.

Lecture in English, admission is free.

Photo of exhibition © Ina Bauer


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