Mari Ishikawa in Munich

Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, Munich (DE), 21.1.–19.2.2022
Soft Opening with Mari Ishikawa: Friday, 21.1.2022, 14.00–18.00 and Saturday, 22.1.2022, 14.00–18.00

With INVISIBLE THREAD II. Beyond Words – Join the World the Bayerische Kunstgewerbeverein (BKV) presents an exhibition with works of the Japanese artists Mari Ishikawa, Mikiko Minewaki and Sayumi Yokouchi, who live in different places and are shaped by different ways of thinking. They continue to challenge themselves to research topics such as jewelry, people, nature and the complexity of everyday life. By sharing their common interests and unique visions through the eyes of contemporary jewelry they are creating unique works.
Personal contact is particularly important for jewelry experiences as it functions with the human touch, with the human body. However, due to the Corona situation completely new communication channels had to be found and needed to be established. This exhibition does not only present wonderful artistic jewelry but reflects also on the individual ways of its creation.


A comprehensive monograph on Mari Ishikawa has been published by our publishing house.

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