Norway’s most beautiful books

The publication Kari Steihaug was recognised as one of Norway’s most beautiful books!

The jury of the competition about the book (here the Norwegian original):

“A book that invites you into a world of haptics and texture. The basic tones of the different types of paper are barely perceptible, but still convey a beautiful sense of time-lapse. Sometimes the light (the paper) is blindingly white, sometimes like yellow evening light. The reader can also tactilely experience the different thicknesses of the various paper qualities. Sometimes you have to turn the pages carefully, sometimes less carefully. A plus point for the light pink thread, which can be seen both on the spine and on the double pages. The typography – both at the level of detail and layout – is dynamic and varied and clearly expresses what poetry, reflections and continuous text are. The blackness of the font used contributes to good readability and ensures that the text elements of the book are clearly visible amidst the other elements of the book.“

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