Arnoldsche Art Publishers is the world’s leading publishing house in art jewellery. Artists who rank among the founders of this movement (Friedrich Becker, Anton Cepka, Bruno Martinazzi) have as much a firm place in the programme as long-established icons (Otto Künzli, Bernhard Schobinger, Annamaria Zanella) or upcoming artists of the genre (Mia Maljojoki, Evert Nijland, David Bielander). Standard works on renowned collections and galleries (Ornament as Art, Barbara Cartlidge and Electrum Gallery) as well as on specific topics (Jablonec ’68, Jewellery in Israel) are also an important part of the publishers’ portfolio. At the frontier of applied art (Gisbert Stach, Caroline Broadhead) and investigations into high-end jewellery (Royal Rubies, Grossé + Bijoux Christian Dior) complement the subject in two very differing directions.

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