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Jewelry 1998–2018


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Mia Maljojoki (b. 1970) speaks passionately about the emotional potential of her jewelllery. In her works, she wants to capture the moment, make feelings permanent and trigger social interaction. But her pendants and neckpieces, in which filigree porcelain clashes with neon textiles, are never over-ornate, instead they show a playful lightness.

The jewellery artist Mia Maljojoki presents her work of the last twenty years in eight series. Large format photos show materiality and technique, while pictures of performances and exhibitions allow a personal point of view. The models of the Exactly-series, who are portrayed in Finnish landscape, reveal the intimate relationship between jewellery and wearer.

“This book is an amusement park of emotions, which have become frozen in various forms of wearable art”


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