Andrew Brewerton / Mikaël Faujour / Michel Guérin / John Edgar Wideman


Shaping Time. Works in Glass from 1981 to Now

Donner forme au temps. Œuvres en verre de 1981 à aujourd’hui


200 pages
23 x 29 cm, 185 ills.
English / French

 48,00 incl. VAT

Musée du Verre, Conches-en-Ouche (FR), 13.4.–1.12.2024
ISBN 978-3-89790-704-1 Categories: ,


Antoine Leperlier (b. 1953) is a trained visual artist and painter. He has been working as a freelance glass artist since the 1980s, developing his own glass technique based on casting and the lost-wax technique to create large-format translucent and painterly blocks. In this survey of work spanning more than 40 years, skulls float, snakes are frozen alive, and what looks like abstract watercolors are preserved forever. Time stands still, the universe speaks. His works explore transience and memory, past and future; he stops time, makes moments eternal. Enamel and ceramic inclusions, bubbles, colors, and engravings create colorful, expressive worlds reminiscent of organic forms floating in outer space. This endeavor to capture dynamic images in material form is an approach unique in contemporary glass art.


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