Ulrich Haass (Hg.)


With essays by distinguished art historians and journalists

288 pages
17 x 24.5 cm, approx. 300 colour illustrations. Hardcover.
English / German

 39,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-291-6 Category:


The aim of the college is to teach assurance in handling material and form. The holistic approach to training here enables graduates to be equally successful in professions other than jewellery-making and tableware, indeed all professions in which, besides craftsmanship and technical skills, creativity and professionalism in dealing with form and design are required.

Here a highly creative pool of young, internationally oriented jewellery-designers is created, unleashing a potential which is bound to be much talked of in -future. Mastery of traditional techniques, unself-conscious perspectives on prevailing styles and bold exploration of new possibilities for design are the hallmarks of tomorrow’s jewellery and tableware. Twenty years of professional college training represent a welcome occasion for taking stock and looking back. Many successful -designers have been “forged in this crucible”; their activities are shaping how we perceive a wide range of design-related fields.

This publication focuses on jewellery and the many possibilities for expression this art medium opens up for creative designers.


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