Fred Jahn / Friedhelm Mennekes / Andrea Nante / Thereza Pedrosa


The Entity of Being / L’Entità dell’Essere / Die Einheit des Seins


21 x 28 cm
English / Italian / German

 48,00 incl. VAT

Museo Civico di Asolo (IT), 7.5.–24.7.2022
ISBN 978-3-89790-663-1 Category:


The Italian goldsmith of the “Paduan School” Giampaolo Babetto is famous for his jewelry – geometrically distinct shapes arranged into refined entities of extraordinary perfection and beauty. But the artist’s wide-ranging spectrum includes equally furniture design, silverwork, sculptures, liturgical utensils and architecture – even his design drawings have an autonomous character with artistic value.

In addition to Christian iconography, his sources of inspiration include the fresco cycles of Renaissance artist Jacopo da Pontormo, and there are echoes of minimalism, neo-plasticism, neo-constructivism, and “arte programmata/cinetica.”

The Entity of Being shows for the first time an overall view of the versatile virtuoso. The comprehensive catalog section is complemented by four contributors giving exciting insights into the work of this universal artist.

For those who know Italian, we recommend the conversation recorded here between Giampaolo Babetto and the two curators of the volume, the gallerist Thereza Pedrosa and the art historian Andrea Nante, and the publisher Dirk Allgaier, a profound connoisseur and mediator of international contemporary art and modern crafts. It was recorded on November 20, 2022 in the premises of Archivio Negroni, Milan. Moderated by Eliana Negroni.


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