Michael Henss


A Handbook on Ceremonial Objects and Ritual Furnishings in the Tibetan Temple


456 pages
30 x 23 cm, 630 ills, hardcover

 78,00 incl. VAT

Release date and delivery July 2020

ISBN 978-3-89790-567-2 Category:


Tibetan Buddhist art is not only rich in figural icons but also extremely diverse in its symbols and ritual objects. As a first systematic review, Buddhist Ritual Art of Tibet is an abundantly illustrated reference book on Tibetan ritual art that aids our understanding of its different types and forms, its sacred meanings and ceremonial functions. Over eighteen chapters, several hundred different implements are documented in detail, in many cases for the first time and often in their various styles and iconographic forms: altar utensils and amulets, masks and mirrors, magic daggers and mandalas, torma sculptures and prayer objects, vajras and votive tablets, sacrificial vessels and oracle crowns, stupas and spirit traps, ritual vases, textiles, furniture, and symbolic emblems. These are accompanied by many historical and modern text sources, as well as rare oral material from high-ranking Tibetan masters. This long-awaited handbook is a must-have for all those with a profound interest in Buddhist art and religion.


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