Martin Hoppe / Gerhard Kolberg


Hanau City Map


88 pages
24.5 x 27 cm, ca. 60 ills.
English / German


ISBN 978-3-89790-644-0 Category:


The Hanau City Map project by Claus Bury relates to the new city of Hanau, which was formed from 1597 on and is characterized by its strictly geometric pattern of streets and star-shaped ramparts. The walk-on granite sculpture on the square directly next to the Walloon-Dutch church references the city map engraved in copper in 1632 by Matthäus Merian and revitalizes Hanau’s historical seventeenth-century topography through its relief-like recesses and encompassing seating areas. An installation spanning centuries that brings the history, present, and future into a flourishing dialogue for the visitors of Hanau.

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