Halvor Nordby | André Gali


Meteorites and Jewellery Objects
by Reinhold Ziegler


80 pages
20 x 20 cm, 37 colour illustrations. Hardback. Englisch | Norwegian as Download
English / Norwegian

 24,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-405-7 Category:


The Norwegian jewellery artist Reinhold Ziegler presents a successful reinter-pretation of the concept of jewellery with his objects, providing an impressive continuation of the discussion started in Aftermath of Art Jewellery about the status and potential of contemporary art jewellery. Jewellery is not so much an expression of the individual as a representation of universal ideas and notions.

In his work, Reinhold Ziegler (born in 1965) explores the meaning of jewellery. Through the reduction of visual forms of expression, his works go beyond the connotation of purely decorative attributes. His jewellery objects are not intended to reflect the individual personality of the wearer, but to link the individual with the universal.

While gravity was the theme of an earlier series of works, a universal and all-embracing natural force that exists independently of the will of an individual, Ziegler’s current works revolve around meteorites. They are an unusual material, originating from beyond the horizon of human experience, thereby lending themselves to reflections about nearness and distance. Proximity to the body is a significant aspect of jewellery.

In this publication, Halvor Nordby addresses Ziegler’s artistic practice from philosophical and therefore fundamentally aesthetic points of view, exemplified by his meteorite works.


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