Piet Salens (ed.)

David Huycke

Risky Business. 25 Years of Silver Objects


144 pages
With essays by David Huycke and Wim Nys., 25 x 21 cm, 102 colour illustrations, Hardback
English / German / French / Dutch

 34,00 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-549-8 Category:


The Belgian artist David Huycke is one of the most important silversmiths working today. He first made a name with his sets of dishes, simple design and subtle use of materials and is now best known for his innovative approach to the traditional technique of granulation. Huycke sets to work like a scientist or an alchemist, casting in moulds seemingly impossible concepts, incurring along the way risks such as breakage or collapse. Eventually those ideas and experiments are selected and elaborated into an object, where they exude a degree of stillness and have a natural implicitness, as if the work could not have been made any other way.


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