Michael Francken (ed.)

Enric Mestre

Ceramic Sculpture


216 pages
24 x 28 cm, 180 ills. Hardcover.
English / Spanish

 38,00 incl. VAT

Release date and delivery Mai 12th, 2020

Modern Shapes Gallery, Antwerp (BE), 10.9.–4.10.2020
ISBN 978-3-89790-587-0 Category:


Despite the fundamental functions that architecture must perform, it will always inspire artists across all genres with its masterful handling of space, harmony and proportion. Enric Mestre (b. 1936) is one of those observers of space and volume who have left their mark on the ceramic sculptural art movement of the twentieth century and beyond. As one of the key artists of the Spanish school, his name is mentioned in the same breath as master sculptors Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida. His sculptures come across as sober spatial constructions, but appearances are deceptive: these objects have a poetic force that counters the gaze of the beholder. This book celebrates the master’s best creations and is a perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover his timeless work.


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