Jorunn Veiteberg | Ward Schrijver


The Zoo of Life. Jewellery & Objects 1996–2014


152 pages
19.5 x 26.5 cm, 125 colour illustrations. Brochure with flaps.
English / Norwegian / Dutch

 29,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-421-7 Category:


With the current publication, the jewellery artist Felieke van der Leest, with a wink of an eye, carries the reader off into a playful and colourful world full of charming animals imaginatively attired in crochet. Be beguiled by them and discover the wonderful humour and sharp eye of Van der Leest.

The work of Dutch jewellery and object artist Felieke van der Leest (born in 1968) expresses the very special affection that she has for animals. With unbridled fantasy she creates pieces that ostentatiously, colourfully and playfully revolve around her little friends.

She combines techniques used in textile work, such as crochet, with valuable metals and plastic toy animals. Within the international art jewellery scene she has developed her own special language with which she narrates intelligent and witty stories about and with her animal protagonists; her pieces inevitably conjure a smile upon the faces of those who view them. Characteristic for Van der Leest is the joy in her work, which is ever present yet sometimes carried off into childhood. Van der Leest also describes her work: ‘Whenever I work with colour, I feel like a painter. Whenever I work with metal, I feel like an architect. And whenever I work with toys, I feel like a child.’ However, serious themes in her work are also expressed, including environmental protection and human approaches to animals.

The current publication comprises jewellery and objects by the renowned artist from 1996 to the present. Felieke van der Leest lives and works in Norway.


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