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L’Italianità dei Gioielli. Photographs by Ulrike Myrzik and Manfred Jarisch.

352 pages
12 x 17 cm, 250 colour illustrations. Two booklets bound in one dust jacket, with gilt edging.
English / German / Italian.

 49,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-327-2 Category:


Simple form soaring to delicate compositions shapes the work of the Italian artist Giampaolo Babetto. Pleasingly moderate in his use of proportion, he links cube and square, cylinder and circle, pyramid and triangle to achieve configurations of extraordinary completeness and beauty. Nevertheless, his arrangements are as sophisticated as his forms are simple – Giampaolo Babetto is second to none in mastering the art of transforming simplicity into complexity. He is a virtuoso with elegance at his very fingertips.

His jewellery is celebrated – like all his work. His pieces clearly indicate that he belongs to the “Paduan School”. There are echoes of Minimalism, Neo-Plasticism, Neo-Constructivism and “arte programmata/cinetica”.

A wealth of colour illustrations shows the most beautiful pieces by Giampaolo Babetto and his immediate environment – the Euganean Hills south of Padua.

Ellen Maurer Zilioli
introduces his work, placing it in its art historical context.

This exceptional book succeeds in grasping the quintessence of a world-famous artist: Giampaolo Babetto.


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