Caroline Widmer / Museum Rietberg (eds)


An Indian Love Story


128 pages
23 x 30 cm, approx. 70 ills, hardcover
English / German

 34,00 incl. VAT

Exhibition at Museum Rietberg, Zurich (CH), 24.10.2019–16.2.2020
ISBN 978-3-89790-575-7 Category:


The tale of the shepherd girl Radha and the Hindu god Krishna is probably the most famous love story in India. Written by Jayadeva at the end of the twelfth century, the Gitagovinda tells of the highs and lows of this love. As a vivid metaphor for the human yearning for god, the work is today closely associated in India with the religiosity of Krishna. In the eighteenth century, in the former princely residence of Guler, the artist family of Nainsuhk and Manaku created the outstanding picture series of the second Guler Gitagovinda of 1775/80, which recounts the love story with an unparalleled elegance. The current publication retells the story using selected pieces from this series (printed in original size) and whisks the reader off into the atmospheric world of Indian miniature painting and poetry.


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