Tanel Veenre


Jewellery Diary 2009–2015


264 pages
16 x 24 cm, approx. 285 illustrations in colour and 120 in b/w. Hardback.
English / Estonian

 39,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-436-1 Category:


‘Experiences must be translated into an intelligible form. That’s why I create art – mainly jewellery. And that’s why I communicate … mainly with words. This book offers no explanations or accompanying texts for the artwork; the pictures and words have ended up together by a strange coincidence that ties them together in my personality.’ (Tanel Veenre)

The work of the Estonian jewellery artist Tanel Veenre comes alive in its fullest extent in the current artist’s book. Between dramatic objects and mellow-sensual jewellery unfold thoughts, ideas and questions, which are framed by sequences of pictures showing the sources of his inspiration: photographs of Nordic landscapes, of best friends, of church vaults, erotic forms and the workshop in which the fantastical and poetic pieces are created by his very hand. With the ‘portrait photos’ of the hands of sixty-four particularly esteemed artist colleagues, his own picture series is dedicated to hands, the most valuable tool of a jewellery artist.

With this ‘artist’s diary’, Tanel Veenre gives an insight into his world – intimate and sincere thoughts on the ideas and concepts behind his creativity. As a rather abstract thinker, these concentrate less on the detail than the big picture behind it: Why and how is man able to create art? Where does the beginning, where does the end of art lie? Where does nothing end and where does everything begin?


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