A. K. Prakash


A Journey of Rediscovery


802 pages
24 x 29 cm, 653 illustrations, mostly in colour. Hardcover with dust jacket.

 39,95 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-455-2 Category:


„For those who think they know everything there is to know about Canadian Impressionism, this book is sure to offer a number of surprises. For those who love Impressionism, but know little about it, this book will be a revelation. And for those who simply love a beautiful book, this is definitely a must-have.“
Sheila Singhal, The National Gallery of Canada Magazine, April 2015


The standard work Impressionism in Canada very quickly sold out but is now available as a reprint! The comprehensive scholarly study presents Impressionism from its origins in France to its formation in North America and Canada and showcases the impressive autonomy of the artistic works of Canadian Impressionism in over 650 large-format illustrations.


Impressionist paintings are among the most prized art works in the world, yet little has been written about Canadian Impressionism. Now, with this book, we have a full account of its development during the four decades after 1875, first in France, then in the United States, and finally in Canada. From the late 1860s on, as ambitious young artists went to study in the academies in Paris and travel in Europe, they absorbed the influence of Impressionism. By the mid-1880s, after it crossed the Atlantic to Boston and New York, Impressionism quickly became the favoured style of art in America. As the century came to a close in Canada’s two largest cities, Montreal and Toronto, Impressionism gradually gathered the support the returning painters needed from art dealers, collectors, exhibition societies, and the media.

Within this context, the lives and works of fourteen of the most significant Canadian artists – including William Blair Bruce, Maurice Cullen, J.W. Morrice, Laura Muntz Lyall, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté, Helen McNicoll, and Clarence Gagnon – are examined in the second half of the volume. Briefly considered too are several other artists, such as core members of the famed Group of Seven, who for some time also employed Impressionist techniques in their art. Today, Canadian Impressionist paintings are not only among the most popular works of art at home but are attracting ever more attention and exhibition in other countries too.



„… a missing chapter from the history of Impressionism itself.“
Guy Wildenstein, The Wildenstein Institute, Paris


„The fluent style and wealth of information in this book is encompassing and tells the whole story.”
Dr. Leo Jansen, Curator of Paintings, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam


„… a lavish and expert survey of Canadian artists under the spell of French Impressionism. It will be essential reading for anyone interested in the first wave of international modern art.“
Dr. Charles F. Stuckey, former Curator, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


„A richly illustrated and comprehensive survey of the movement.”
William H. Gerdts, Chairman and former professor of The Graduate Center, City University of New York


„Author A.K. Prakash is a unique art historian – an exacting scholar with deep practical knowledge of art markets – and his books are among my top reference sources. Impressionism in Canada, exploring the extension of the original French style of painting into North America, brings forward a new dimension to the history of this important movement.”
Michael J. Tims, Chairman, board of trustees of the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa


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