Anahita Nasrin Mittertrainer, Museum Fünf Kontinente (ed.)


Gewebtes und Besticktes aus dem Osmanischen Reich


176 pages
22 x 28 cm, 121 ills.
German (with an additional Turkish version of Hülya Bilgi’s contribution)

 38,00 incl. VAT

Museum Fünf Kontinente, Munich (DE), 9.12.2022–23.4.2023
ISBN 978-3-89790-676-1 Categories: ,


A hundred years after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Museum Fünf Kontinente is showing the special exhibition In trockenen Tüchern! Gewebtes und Besticktes aus dem Osmanischen Reich [A Stich in Time! Woven and Embroidered Textiles from the Ottoman Empire]. The accompanying publication provides an insight into the different aspects of inhabitants’ life during the Late Ottoman Empire, based on selected textiles and everyday items from the collections of the Museum Fünf Kontinente as well as the private collections of Ther and Middendorf. Together with their rural counterparts featuring woven red-and blue patterns, the napkins and hand towels from the eighteenth to twentieth century, artistically embroidered with blossom, fruits, or architectural elements, accompanied people from cradle to grave and bear impressive witness to their craftsmanship. Today these textile objects are a significant part of the cultural legacy of Turkey.

With contributions by Hülya Bilgi, Beate Kränzle, Anahita Nasrin Mittertrainer, Ulla Ther, and Uta Werlich.


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