Eva Maria Hoyer (Hg.)


GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig. A Journey through the Collections


296 pp.
22 x 28 cm, 275 colour ills. Hardcover.

 39,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-456-9 Category:


This book grants unexpected, beautiful and provoking insights into the diversity of the collection of treasures held in Leipzig’s GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts. Focusing on the joy of contemplating the works, its hope is to awaken the desire for a personal encounter with them.

The sequence of illustrations highlights exciting connections, diversions and views between the objects. Chronological records or even the stringent arrangement of the collections and materials play no role here, allowing surprisingly novel, latent qualities that are frequently otherwise hidden to be revealed. In this publication the works meet face to face and present a wonderful survey of the diverse forms of applied art and design.


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