Olaf Thormann / Sabine Epple, GRASSI Museum (eds.)


The GRASSI Adorns

368 pages
24.5 x 29 cm
English / German

 44,00 incl. VAT

With contributions by Olaf Thormann, Sabine Epple, Renate Luckner-Bien, and Ellen Maurer Zilioli

GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig (DE), 5.5. – 25.9.2022
ISBN 978-3-89790-662-4 Category:


Jewelry art is a small but easily discernible voice amid the great choir that is the art scene. It has been the impetus for innovation and a seismograph for current discourse within the applied arts for several decades. Now, for the first time, the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts is presenting its holdings of modern jewelry, ranging from the mid-twentieth century to the present day. Jewelry + Image provides insights into the multifaceted oeuvres of around 180 jewelry artists from around the world. The collection is broadly representative of the international developments in jewelry art and as such grants a special view of the approaches from eastern Germany. Images by eleven photographers from Leipzig show just how varied and versatile the perception of jewelry on a person can be.

Artists (selection): Renate Heintze, Margit Jäschke, Svenja John, Hermann Jünger, Daniel Kruger, Otto Künzli, Erico Nagai, Harald Otto, Dorothea Prühl, Otto Scharge, Rainer Schumann, Monika Winkler, Annamaria Zanella


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