Carlo Burschel (ed.)


Setting out for Postwar Modernism. The Prints
Franz Erhard Walther’s Turn towards the 1960s Avant-Garde


With essays by Franz Erhard Walther, Thomas Heiler and Carlo Burschel.
224 pp., 23.5 x 30 cm, 184 ills. in colour and b/w. Hardcover with dust jacket.
German / English

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Vonderau Museum Fulda (DE), 16.11.2018–26.6.2019
ISBN 978-3-89790-540-5 Category:


From 1958 to 1973 the Junge Kunstkreis Fulda (JUKU, engl.: Young Art Circle of Fulda) was intensively
engaged with post-war modernist art. With its mentor Karlfried Staubach
almost a hundred exhibitions were carried out that not only enriched the
cultural life of Fulda but shook it up on many occasions.

This volume deals not with the reconstruction of regional art and
cultural history but rather with the rediscovery of an episode in German
post-war art. By way of example are Franz Erhard Walther and Verena
Pfisterer, who continued their artistic genesis in JUKU as contemporaries
of Beuys, Richter and others at the Düsseldorf Art Academy.

The graphic prints published to finance the JUKU gallery, and the
exhibition catalogues, designed too with the group’s own print works, are
shown in full for the very first time.

Selected artists: Karl-Oskar Aha, Rudolf Benz, Karin Boese, Manfred Buse, Dieter
Ebert, Erich Fischer, Gertraut Fuchs, Ellinor Giebel, Pedro Herzig, Erhard Imhof, Egon
Knapp, Helmut Kopetzky, Jean-Luc Mercié, Oswald Pejas, Verena Pfisterer, Thomas Rücker,
Thomas-Peter Schardt, Gisbert Seng, Karlfried Staubach, Robert Sturm, Franz Erhard
Walther and Bärbel Zielke

Dr. Carlo Burschel is a design historian and published works on, e.g., the WMF art
department and Wilhelm Wagenfeld/WMF as well as the catalogue raisonné of Heinrich

Exhibition: Vonderau Museum Fulda (DE), 16.11.2018–24.4.2019


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