Kadri Mälk / Tamara Luuk / Tanel Veenre



328 pp.
18.5 x 30 cm, 365 ills. in colour and 15 in b/w. Hardcover.
English / Estonian

 44,00 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-485-9 Category:


‘Every concept, every notion, every emotion that is evoked in the beholder’s eye while looking at a piece of art is true,’ says Kadri Mälk (b. 1958) on her work, falling silent and letting this take effect. Her pieces are poetic and wild, dark – yet never melancholic. Black wood, black hair, black stones and black jet form the light-absorbing foundation of her jewellery objects, punctuated with accents of colour from gemstones and precious metals.

The Estonian artist studied jewellery and geology; as professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallin, she brought the Department of Jewellery into the international limelight. She now looks back on an artistic oeuvre that has matured over the years.

In Testament Kadri Mälk shows more than just the results of her vast creative production from recent years. Alongside impressive new jewellery pieces and breathtaking detailed photographs, she shares her life story and her philosophy on the emotional relationship between jewellery and wearer.


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