Frenec Jádi


Jewellery Objects by Doerthe Fuchs

148 pages
14.6 x 23 cm, approx. 67 colour illustrations. Brochure with dust jacket – A book object.
English / German

 39,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-324-1 Category:


Kokon is the term Doerthe Fuchs uses to define a group of pieces of jewellery which are complete in themselves yet surprisingly draw the viewer’s eye inwards. Exquisitely subtle and delicate, they nonetheless achieve holistic stability. The “cocoon” form is constantly present and recognisable. With her project Kokon Doerthe Fuchs succeeds in uniting opposite extremes. The outcome is amazement. Even the materials she uses effortlessly overcome all sources of potential friction: coarse stone is linked with fine configurations of silver; mundane objects are veiled in the elegance of gold. This seeming incongruence is not unattractive, however; on the contrary, it is the linking factor of the “cocoon”. It encloses what otherwise would not belong together to create a new unity.

A text by Frenec Jádi introduces the book, capturing in words the astonishing events taking place when these objects are seen. Numerous colour illustrations showcase this group of works in all its beauty.

A “cocoon” is a casing that contains something unknown. Be enchanted by the jewellery created by this artist. A really poetic book.


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