Bodo Rasch (Hg.)


Illustratorin · Zeichnerin · Malerin


176 pages
24.5 x 29.5 cm, 180 illustrations in colour and b/w. Hardback.

 39,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-410-1 Category:


On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the outstanding Stuttgart artist Lilo Rasch-Naegele, this publication presents a portrait of the artist, based on the latest knowledge and insights, focussing on her graphic art and oil painting.

Lilo Rasch-Naegele, who was born in 1914 in Stuttgart and died in 1978 in Oberaichen, would have celebrated the centenary of her birth in 2014. We have taken this opportunity to illuminate the extraordinary artistic legacy that the versatile, highly creative painter and graphic artist left to posterity. This publication presents Lilo Rasch-Naegele as an important twentieth-century artist, whose outstanding oeuvre comprises oil paintings, prints and an impressive collection of drawings.

Lilo Rasch-Naegele had close ties to Stuttgart’s cultural and intellectual circles: in the 1930s to the group surrounding the art historian Professor Hans Hildebrand and his wife Lily, a Hölzel scholar and also an artist, and in the 1950s to the ‘Bubenbad’ circle surrounding Professor Willi Baumeister. Lilo Rasch-Naegele had a remarkable understanding for her time of the role of women in society – a topic that threads through her work. She also made a name for herself as an advertising graphic designer and illustrator for renowned companies and publishing houses. She became known throughout Germany through nationwide assignments and exhibitions.

This anniversary edition contains the most recent insights into Lilo Rasch-Naegele’s fascinating artistic personality, as well as richly illustrated contributions to her graphic art and oil paintings – the main focuses of her work.

With contributions by Marie-Sarah Linke, Corinna Steimel, Katharina Stolz and Maria Christina Zopff.


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