Galerie Schwarz Greifswald (ed.)


Almost Nothing – Fast Nichts


180 pp., 22.1 x 29.5 cm
English / German

 38,00 incl. VAT

January 2021

ISBN 978-3-89790-657-0 Category:


Martin Bruno Schmid (b. 1970) works at the interface of art and architecture. Drills, saws, and sandpaper are his means. Material is extracted, (almost) never applied.
Schmid addresses the very subject of construction itself with his minimalistic and exceptionally radical interventions in (public) buildings. In doing so he pushes the frontiers of what is feasible and makes visible what we take for granted. His interventions are a celebration of all the technologies of civilization that enable us to spend our lives protected and safe, but also a test of our certitude.
The monograph Almost Nothing provides a comprehensive insight into Schmid’s widely varied oeuvre and opens a gateway to the Stuttgart artist’s ideational world.


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