Willemina Hoenderken (Hg.)


A Manual


320 pages, approx. 400 colour illustrations.
e-Book, PDF format, watermarked
English / German

9,90 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-395-1 Categories: ,


A creatively designed handbook for prospective and experienced fashion illustrators and designers. Basic guidance to techniques and design are supplemented through concrete information on the practice and cultural-historical background of this art form.

Fashion is fascination, cult, protection and adornment. We experience it daily on our own bodies and we notice it in our surroundings. The manifestations of fashion in magazines, advertisements and the Internet are never ending: sophisticated, erotic, provocative or overly aesthetic pictures create specific images, carrying the beholder off into their own world.

To inspire such an eye-catching sensation requires a concept, an idea, which takes shape in an illustration. In the fast-moving age of digital photography, this art is disappearing more and more from the everyday life of the fashion designer and media. In doing so it affords illustration great additional value: it bears witness to individuality, it conveys the zeitgeist and mood.

Willemina Hoenderken, professor of design at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, conveys in the book just how fashion is perfectly staged through illustration. The publication outlines fundamental techniques, diverse materials and important basics of design, and presents approximately 400 illustrations created at the Bielefeld University. A chapter on working practices gives a glimpse into the development and day-to-day business of a successful fashion company, and an essay on the cultural history of fashion illustration rounds off the book.

With contributions by Anna Zika | Annette Görtz | Willemina Hoenderken


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