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Inventory catalogue of the Hinder | Reimers Collection Owned by the State of Rhineland-Palatinate

304 pages
21.5 x 28.5 cm, 1587 colour illustrations of all pieces plus 98 big colour illustrations, 258 black-and-white illustrations and 219 signatures. Hardcover with dust jacket.
English / German

 64,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-275-6 Category:


The Hinder | Reimers Collection – which has been owned by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate since 1993 – is one of the most important collections of modern ceramics in Germany. It was built up from the early 1950s through the combined efforts of Jakob Wilhelm Hinder (1901–1976) and Lotte Reimers (* 1932). The focus of this large collection is on West German ceramics from the 1950s to about 1990. Since the mid-1970s it has been enlarged by Lotte Reimers to include outstanding works from outside Germany. These 1,587 objects provide insights into the crucial trends and stylistic movements in art ceramics after the Second World War as represented by the most distinguished ceramicists of the day.

Featuring explanatory texts and colour illustrations, the present publication Modern Ceramics presents the entire collection and, therefore, goes beyond the scope of “Ceramics in Germany 1955–1990. The Hinder/Reimers Collection”, published in 1997, which dealt with only a selection of works from the collection. The new publication, on the other hand, draws on the Hinder/Reimers Collection to survey the broad field of developments in studio ceramics in the latter half of the 20th century in western Germany while looking well beyond the borders of Germany.

An exhaustive catalogue of works presenting 1,587 works by world-famous ceramicists in text and picture, moreover an index of all signatures used – a new standard work in the field of international studio ceramics as well as a documentation of the most important era of modern ceramics.

Artists (a selection):
Ingeborg and Bruno Asshoff | Richard Bampi | Jan Bontjes van Beek | Antje Brüggemann-Breckwoldt | Dieter Crumbiegel | Hubert Griemert | Horst Kerstan | Beate Kuhn | Klaus Lehmann | Otto Lindig | Thomas Naethe | Signe Pistorius-Lehmann | Walter Popp | Lotte Reimers | Reinhold Rieckmann | Karl and Ursula Scheid | Robert Sturm | Rita Ternes | Fritz and Vera Vehring (all Germany) | Aage Birck | Heidi Guthmann Birck (Denmark) | Claude Champy | Gilbert Portanier (France) | Édouard Chapallaz | Jean-Claude de Crousaz | Aline Favre (Switzerland) | Bernard and David Leach | Colin Pearson | Joanna Constantinidis (England) | Ruth Duckworth (USA) | Kurt Spurey (Austria) | Frank Steyaert (Belgium) | Jindra Viková (Czech Republic) | Ulla Viotti (Sweden)


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