Wilhelm Lindemann


Tom + Jutta Munsteiner

224 pages
24 x 29.5 cm, 256 colour illustrations. Hardcover with dust jacket.
English / German

 49,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-374-6 Category:


This book is eye candy for all gemstone enthusiasts. It is the first comprehensive overview of the creations by Jutta and Tom Munsteiner: cut gemstones and their very own universe of jewellery creations.

By radically turning his back on the crystal cutting technique that was prevalent worldwide at the time, Bernd Munsteiner started to revolutionise the shaping of gemstones in the 1970s. For him, the aesthetic quality of the gemstones represented a rediscovery and it formed the basis of his worldwide success. Munsteiner’s ideas brought gemstones into the realm of twentieth-century art. His work is represented in numerous museums all over the world.

Since 1997, his son Tom and daughter-in-law Jutta have taken over the atelier in Stipshausen near Idar-Oberstein. Over the past 15 years, ‘The Young Generation’ have developed their own very characteristic form language, based on Bernd Munsteiner’s work, which makes the virtual interior space of the cut gemstone the focus of aesthetic contemplations. Tom Munsteiner is a gemstone designer, Jutta Munsteiner is a jewellery and gemstone designer and goldsmith.

This richly illustrated book presents a comprehensive overview of Tom and Jutta Munsteiner’s artistic creations. It provides not only a deep insight into the crystalline world of gemstones, but also shows that crystals have lost nothing of their centuries-old fascination as an artistic material.

The author Wilhelm Lindemann wrote the introduction to Tom and Jutta Munsteiner’s work and also presents crystals as an artistic medium, including from a historical perspective.


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