Liesbeth den Besten


A COMPENDIUM of international contemporary art jewellery


240 pages
17 x 25 cm, 150 illustrations in colour and 41 black-and-white. Flex-cover.

 29,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-349-4 Category:


‘On Jewellery’ offers a comprehensive overview of the tendencies and role of contemporary international art jewellery from the 1960s to today, shown within the context of corresponding trends in art and society. On Jewellery is dedicated to themes such
as interdisciplinary collaboration, new means of presentation and contextualisation. It also incorporates photography and the relationships between jewellery and the body, jewellery and ornament and new interpretations of traditional technical skills. Furthermore it considers aspects such as terminology and strategies, positioning, prejudices and the significance of content with regard to
jewellery. On this basis On Jewellery offers a synopsis of what art jewellery is and what it can be. Its aim is to reveal the characteristics, language and potential of jewellery. A directory of jewellery galleries, museums and interesting websites make ‘On Jewellery’ a compact handbook of contemporary art jewellery .

Artists (a selection):
Pia Aleborg (SE) | Gijs Bakker (NL) |
Melanie Bilenker (US) | Manfred Bischoff (DE/IT) | Helen Britton (AU/DE) | Paul Derrez (NL) | Iris Eichenberg (D) | Warwick Freeman (NZ) | Otto Künzli (CH) | Daniel Kruger (ZA/DE) | Yuka Oyama (JP/DE) | Peter Skubic (AT) | Robert Smit (NL) | Annamaria Zanella (IT) | Christoph Zellweger (CH)

Realised with the financial support
of the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam



Ursula Ilse-Neuman in Metalsmith 13, 1: “Under the Covers”


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