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Schmuck | Jewellery

128 pages
21 x 28.5 cm, 193 colour- and 46 black and white illustrations. Hardcover.
English / German

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Petra Zimmermann occupies a unique position among the emerging contemporary jewellery artists: she shares their exciting approach to the subject of jewellery and the quotable adoption of the (Pop) culture label for defining the auteur jewellery concept; in which she succeeds, this time through historical reference. The artist draws on past encounters with costume jewellery from the previous century for her rings, bracelets and brooches. Comprised of bright, colourful synthetic forms these objects receive a framework, in which their artificial appearance contrasts to the dusty splendour of the historic costume jewellery. Thus beguiling pieces of jewellery emerge, which combine the present fascination for glamour with an element of progression, thus referencing the costume jewellery as an essential component in the production and construction of glamour in the portrait photography of the Hollywood diva.

In her latest series of works the artist uses mass media images of models, floral motifs, architecture and design objects, which broaden her scope of cultural and social interpretations. Thus behind the visual opulence of her work she succeeds in handling relevant aesthetic and social themes in her pieces – relevant for a generation that no longer struggles against traditional conventions, but that negotiates much more in an increasingly complex environment, in the search for personal and historical coherence.

Petra Zimmermann is one of the most ambitious artists in contemporary jewellery. The book provides the first overview of her fascinating and exciting creative jewellery works with sumptuous images and scholarly articles.


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