Ute Eitzenhöfer (ed.)




96 pages
17 × 24 cm, 63 ills. Swiss binding
English / German

 24,00 incl. VAT

Release date and delivery December 2020

Exhibition: SCHÜTT, Pforzheim, 6.11.2020–18.7.2021
ISBN 978-3-89790-622-8 Category:


ROCKstars presents works that focus on the “eternal material” in jewelry: they are declarations of love, experimental snapshots, or rebellious works revolving around precious stones. At Campus Idar-Oberstein, newcomers to the gemstone and jewelry scene have dedicated themselves with body and soul to the intense examination of precious minerals. A world trade center for gemstones of all kinds as well as a place of study off the beaten track, Idar-Oberstein is the students’ rehearsal room, where existing structures are broken up and progressive designs developed. As ROCKstars, the students and alumni present contemporary jewelry that not only shows gemstones in unexpected and unconventional applications but at the same time redefines a centuriesold aesthetic, thus positioning it in society.


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