Angelika Nollert, Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum (ed.)



160 pages
23 x 17 cm, ca. 150 ills., Swiss binding
English / German

 28,00 incl. VAT

Exhibition: Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Munich (DE), 16.3.–16.6.2019
ISBN 978-3-89790-551-1 Category:


Karen Pontoppidan (b. 1968), curator and professor of jewellery and devices at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, invites thirty international artists to the annual jewellery exhibition at Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum to present contemporary positions in studio jewellery. The publication SCHMUCKISMUS reveals that artists of this medium of expression no longer start from the mere decoration of individuals. Instead jewellery becomes a platform for discourse on cultural norms and values. Reflecting less on themselves as individuals, this new generation of artists is concentrating more on issues affecting society as a whole, such as ecology, consumer society or feminism.

ARTISTS: T. Alm (SE), Y. Aydin (SE), D. Bernadisiute (LT/SE), B. Brovia (IT/SE), C. Castiajo (PT), N. Cheng (HK/SE), E. Chun (KR/DE), S. Cohen (IL), I. Eichenberg (DE/US), C. Gimeno (CL/SE), D. Hakim (IL), S. Hanagarth (CH/FR), S. Heuser (DE), H. Hedman (SE), M. Iwamoto (JP/DE), H. Joris (BE/US), S. Khalil (LB), M. Klein (DE), G. Kling (SE), N. Kuffner (DE), B. Lignel (FR), J. Matzakow (DE), N. Melland (NO), N. Scholz (DE), K. Spranger (DE/GB), G. Stach (DE), V. Touloumidi (GR/DE), T. Tuupanen (FI), J. Yang (CN/DE), P. Zimmermann (AT)

EXHIBITION: Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Munich (DE), 16. 3.–16. 6. 2019


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