Gabi Dewald / Frank Nievergelt / Larry Weinberg


Works 1992–2017


160 pp.
24 × 26 cm, 127 colour ills. Hardcover.
English / German

The title is out of print.

ISBN 978-3-89790-486-6 Category:


Thanks to a conscious reduction in form and colour, the ceramics by the
Swiss artist Sonja Duò-Meyer (b. 1953) unfurl incredible expressive power.
The fl owing silhouettes appear almost meditative, fixed points emerge in
the light asymmetry of the forms, and a sophisticated play on light and
shade develops. Surfaces, material, corpora and technique are interwoven
through a minimalistic design concept celebrating void and stillness.

Photographs of objects as well as exhibition views show vessels, objects
and wall installations by Duò-Meyer from 1992 to 2017. A particular highlight are works
and ideas from the ceramic centre Tajimi, where, as artist in residence, the
artist engaged intensively with Japanese techniques.

With exiting illustrations and informative essays, this first monograph
on Sonja Duò-Meyer presents the development of a career in contemporary
ceramic art now spanning over forty years.


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