Ulo Florack


Jewellery and Objects


With a contribution by Beatritz Chadour-Sampson. 128 pages
17.1 x 12.6 xm, 116 colour illustrations. Hardcover with Japanese binding.
English / German

 29,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-385-2 Category:


A book with Japanese binding, about the extraordinary jewellery works by Ulo Florack, which display humour, wit and critical powers of observation.

The representation of mysterious and fantastical figures, magical inscriptions and mythical beings that are half man and half beast are characteristic of the jewellery works and art objects created by Ulo Florack. With artistic mastery and an exuberant imagination, he tells stories using gold, silver, platinum and enamel.

Ulo Florack is a multi-talented artist. It is almost impossible to categorise him. The question of whether he is more a painter or a jewellery artist cannot be answered definitively: both aspects cross-pollinate each other. His jewellery objects incorporate sculptural elements, whilst the choice and application of colours reveal the artist. His style is very distinctive and his objects use surprising ideological and intelligent imagery, which consciously hovers in the grey area between fantasy and reality.

Ulo Florack (born 1958) is the holder of the Danner Award 2011. After completing his studies under Professor Hermann Jünger and Professor Jörg Immendorff at Munich Fine Art Academy, he has been an independent jewellery artist and painter in Augsburg since 1989.


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